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- In this course, we'll be focusing on the fundamentals of CSS. But we'll also have discussions about HTML because these two languages work closely together. HTML was originally created for sharing research documents, so the default browser styles are based on making text easier to read, such as spaces between paragraphs, bolded headings. List items either are numbered or shown with bullets. So while you can write HTML without CSS, the result would look pretty basic. But you can't write CSS without HTML. Though HTML elements are displayed with basic styling, choosing a particular element because of the way it looks should be avoided. That's what CSS was created for. HTML defines the structure of the document and adds meaning to the content. CSS controls the appearance of the HTML elements and separates the presentation from content. Throughout this course, we'll be styling HTML, but HTML isn't the focus. And as you're following along, if you have any questions about HTML that we're not covering, I would encourage you to check out HTML Essential Training for more details. Before getting into the essentials of CSS, I'm going to start with an overview of browser developer tools and setting up our project files.

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